The Christian Post reported that Pat Robertson now insists that his recent advice to a husband of an Alzheimer’s patient was taken out of context, “misunderstood,” and not meant to be taken as general advice. The founder of CBN and host of the popular 700 Club received harsh criticism from the Christian community when he seemed to advise a caller that to divorce a spouse suffering from Alzheimer’s disease would be reasonable as long as she continued to receive the custodial care she needed.

But Robertson said on Monday’s airing of his show, “I was not giving advice to the whole world and nor was I counseling anybody to be unscriptural and leave their spouse…Please know that I believe the Bible. Please know that I never would tell anybody to leave their sick spouse. I never never would say such a thing because I need my spouse when I get sick and she needs me when she gets sick…In sickness and in health, I believe it!”

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