The ANC [American News Commentary] reported in its Sept. 21 issue that the ACLU is defending the right of Muslims to exercise prayer in public schools in San Diego. … Really?

Is that a change of heart or the expression of a cowardly and terrified heart? It is most likely the latter. Let me explain.

Over the last 40 years or so, the ACLU has terrified many school boards, school administrators and school children by threatening to drag them into court if they pray in public.

A few years ago, they terrified many coaches and sporting event coordinators by warning them that if they dare pray in public, the ACLU would bring about the full weight of their false interpretation of the Establishment Clause.

For many years, they have sent their emissaries across the land, “Gestapo-like,” checking out every small city council, lest they open their meeting with prayer.

But now they are coming out of their closets and are supporting Muslim students praying in public schools.

If you think this defies every aspect of human logic, you would be right.

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