Daniel Patrick Boyd is the son of a Marine Corps officer. With his sturdy build, blond hair and blue eyes, he could be a model for a U.S. military recruiting poster.

But the U.S. government says Boyd is a home-grown Islamic terrorist. He and six other men were charged in North Carolina in 2009 with conspiring to provide material support for a terrorist plot to kidnap and kill people overseas.

In federal court in New Bern, N.C., on Wednesday, Boyd turned against three alleged co-conspirators and testified for the government in a plea deal.

Boyd said he and the others discussed attacking military bases in North Carolina and Virginia, including kidnapping a general and cutting off his ring finger to send to authorities in exchange for the release of a Muslim prisoner held in New York.

“I spoke recklessly. I went to the extreme and made very poor decisions,” Boyd told a federal court, the New Bern Sun Journal reported.

Boyd, 41, a drywall contractor who lived in Johnston County, N.C., went by the name Saifullah, Arabic for Sword of God, according to a federal indictment. Raised as an Episcopalian, he converted to Islam after graduating from high school. His mother’s second husband was a Muslim lawyer.

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