Is this finally a “change-we-can-all-believe-in”?

Author, producer and street evangelist Ray Comfort has released a stunning video called the “180” movie that is changing people with its words.

It doesn’t need to take advantage of high-tech special effects (wouldn’t add anything), its Hollywood stars (nope), its incredible imagery (nice but nothing new), or its action (mostly talking and a microphone).

Instead, it’s the message and the clear evidence of what simple information can do to people.

“This video isn’t a game changer, it’s potentially a nation changer,” Comfort told WND.

Comfort initially thought he would produce a video to go with an upcoming book called “Hitler, God, and the Bible” to be published by WND Books and soon to be available at the WND Superstore.

Join the discussion about “180,” at WND’s Forums.

That book is soaring on Amazon even though it’s not scheduled to come out until February.

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