A movie shot and set in Albany is one of the most popular in the country.

Sherwood Baptist Church leaders are thrilled by the response to their new movie “courageous.”

It was one of the top five highest grossing movies over the weekend, but all the films ahead of it opened on twice as many screens.

So “courageous” was number one on per screen ticket sales.

The Wynnsong Manager said the opening weekend for “Courageous” in Albany was like the openings for Harry Potter, Batman, and Spiderman. Not bad for a movie made in Albany by a bunch of volunteers.

The Wynnsong Cinemas says about 3500 people bought tickets to see “Courageous” over the weekend in Albany. They had the movie in their two largest theatres, but they were sold out all weekend. So movie managers opened two more theatres to handle the audience demand. Producer and writer Stephen Kendrick and his son Grant say the movie’s message about fatherhood is hitting home.

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