The Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, adviser for ecumenical relationships for the Reformed Church in America, said the Global Christian Forum taking place this week in Manado, Indonesia, is more than an ecumenical event. He described it as a watershed gathering of evangelical, Pentecostal, mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox leaders.

“We plan to examine the global trends that are changing Christianity, listen to the reports of developments and struggles of the church in various regions of the world, and discuss how our fellowship can be strengthened for the purpose of our common witness,” said Granberg-Michaelson, who will serve on a GCF steering committee for the event that runs Tuesday through Thursday.

Besides Granberg-Michaelson, the Rev. Tom DeVries, general secretary for the RCA and the Rev. Joel Boot, interim executive director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, will attend as part of the estimated 275 leaders from around the world.

And this much is true: Rumors some have made of Christianity’s death are premature, said Granberg-Michaelson.

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