Israel’s influence on US politics shows how its future can be utilized for political gain, not how important its security is to the US.

These past couple of weeks has been what some may call a great period for Israel and the so-called “pro-Israel” community in America, at least for the hawkish, near-sighted one. The Obama administration stuck hard to its opposition to the Palestinian bid for statehood and showed its unequivocal support for Israel at the UN General Assembly, resulting in a sudden surge in Israeli approval of Obama (who has largely been considered a “pro-Palestinian” president by Israelis, despite actions to the contrary) .

Newspapers have been saturated recently with polls on waning Jewish support for Obama, raising the question of whether he will lose the large Jewish backing he enjoyed in 2008 come next November. The American Jewish Committee just published a poll showing that “53 percent disapprove of the president’s handling of US-Israel relations” (however, it found that overall, American Jews would still largely vote for him).

This story began gaining traction when Anthony Weiner’s job as congressman for New York’s 9th District was taken last month by a Republican for the first time since 1923 – largely with the help of former New York Mayor Ed Koch’s crusade to convince voters that Obama, and by extension, Democrats, are bad for Israel. It is thus no wonder that Obama decided to flex his “pro-Israel” muscle at the UN General Assembly, which Israel’s foreign minister was quick to praise.

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