For most 22 year olds a wild Friday night involves a full house, a lot of chaos, drinks and a headache the following morning. Katie Davis’ life is no different. That is, until you look closer.

Instead of a full house of college co-eds, Katie is juggling 13 daughters that she is currently in the process of adopting. Instead of chaos caused by loud alternative rock and hormones on hyper drive, Davis is trying to get her makeshift family to sleep as they cry, procrastinate and soil their diapers. Instead of beer or hard liquor, Katie is making sure that her kids are getting milk before they go to bed. And instead of a hangover headache, Katie awakes to a Saturday morning where she will do it all over again, headache or not.

Maybe, in the end, Katie Davis’ life is completely different from most 22 year olds.

In 2007, fresh out of high school in Tennessee, where she was senior class president and homecoming queen and on her way to college, Katie left for Uganda to teach Kindergarten. Leaving the United States and typical tertiary student life behind, Katie felt compelled by her Christian faith to minister to orphans and street children in a country that she says, “is breathtaking” and where the people “are beautiful, both physically and spiritually.”

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