Grace Christian Reformed pastor John Suk has published a book telling a personal story that he hopes might help others.

Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey From Faith To Doubt is the story of a pastor who used to have all the answers, Suk said in an interview last week.

“Through a number of events that happened in his life, he came to the conclusion that he had many fewer answers than he had first supposed,” he recounted. The genesis of the book lay in his 10 years as head editor at The Banner, the full-colour 32-page weekly magazine of the Christian Reformed faith.

“For me, it was a very visible place as leader of the denomination. I loved the job, it was a lot of fun, and I liked the responsibilities.

“During that time, I was struggling with a lot of issues I really could not give vent to on the editorial page. The church had not hired me to be a loose cannon in the bottom of their boat. I had accepted the responsibility to be a certain kind of leader.

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