Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has written a new book, The Magic of Reality, and appeared as a guest on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s program Wednesday night to talk about the book.  O’Reilly wanted to fight about it as a mockery of God, particularly in the sense that Judeo-Christianity was classified as a myth.  According to O’Reilly, the Judeo-Christian philosophy is reality and the United States is based on it.

The fact that Jesus said to love one another was also proof that life was created by intelligent design, in O’Reilly’s view. A befuddled Dawkins asked his host what that had to do with the existence of the moon.

Here’s the transcript:
O’REILLY – You may remember about two years ago we had an atheist, Richard Dawkins, on The Factor.  He was on a crusade to convince believers they’re idiots.  Well now, Mr. Dawkins’ new book, partially aimed at children, called The Magic of Reality – I talked to him earlier this week.

Now, you wrote this book, and this book, you know, is marketed somewhat toward children, adolescents, correct?

DAWKINS – It is, yes.

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