Harold Camping, the author and radio host infamous for his failed attempts at predicting the Rapture, has reminded us all that his last prediction of May 21 was just a “spiritual rapture,” and the physical one will “probably” take place later this month. Glenn W. Shuck, assistant professor of religion at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., told The Christian Post that “people are bound to ignore him,” especially since he’s been wrong at least twice before and has cost his followers money.

Camping’s last prediction caused some of his more devout followers to give away their savings, sell their homes and quit their jobs in preparation for the coming Rapture. Camping suffered a stroke recently but continues his live radio broadcasts on Family Radio, of which he is president. His last doomsday prediction warned of earthquakes and other natural disasters occuring prior to the destruction of the world, but this time Camping says the experience will be quick and painless, even for non-believers.

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