It’s like a ’60s commune with iPhones as protesters against corporate greed take to the streets, writes Nick Miller in New York.

‘So you’re in favour of a more even distribution of wealth?” asks the long-haired, casually dressed guy with the camera. It’s unclear if he’s a protester, a member of the underground media, an amateur video blogger, or most likely a modern ”all of the above”. Just about everyone at Occupy Wall Street has mastered the art of waving a banner with one hand and recording their surroundings with an iPhone in the other.

His interviewee, a 40-something marching proudly with his wife and a Brooklyn drawl, winces a bit. ”Uh, to a degree,” he says. ”I, uh, think you should be allowed to accumulate a bit of money. To encourage people.”

The modern American dream is marching through downtown Manhattan, up from the newly coined Liberty Plaza where for almost three weeks a protest movement dubbed OWS has surprised itself and the rest of the country with its virility.

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