In an interview with a homosexual Chicago newspaper, CNN’s openly-homosexual African-American anchor Don Lemon argued that the same Bible that was used to “keep us as slaves” is now being used against homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Lemon claimed: “We [in the African American community] have, in many ways, been a victim of the Scriptures and theology that have been used to keep us as slaves. . . . It’s been ingrained [in] us, and now we use it against gay [sic] people without thinking about things objectively.”

The homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual, and whatever-sexual movement works overtime to hitch its cart to the civil rights horse. Contrary to media perceptions, Christians believe homosexual behavior is the issue. Sexual behavior cannot be compared to the struggle of blacks to secure full civil rights. Blacks were brought here by force, as slaves. Being black is not a behavior trait. Homosexuality is. Homosexuality is what a person does. Colin Powell, who is a black man, sees no relationship between homosexual rights and civil rights:

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