Somehow, someway, our society has created a wimpy Jesus. Whether it’s an artistic rendering with paint from a brush, or literary license with ink from a pen, the pictures of Jesus show him as subdued, effeminate, calm, pale, and ghastly. When did Jesus become sick, emaciated, gaunt, and weak? Is this the real Jesus?

Reading from the first chapter of Mark, we see that Jesus attracted certain kinds of people around him. John the Baptist, for example, was strong in style, drew a huge crowd, spoke in no uncertain terms, had a huge strength of political opinion, and was unflinching even in the face of the king himself. But when Jesus Came His Way, John stopped everything and said “the one coming is mightier than I” (verse 7).

Or consider Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. They certainly were no pushovers. Simon was strong in words (“everyone may flee you but I will die with you”). He was strong in actions; remember that sword in the garden of Gethsemane? Both of the brothers were strong in their career, living by the sweat and sinew of a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee. Yet, when Jesus comes their way, they drop everything and follow him (Mark 1:16 – 17).

Continuing in Mark 1, the twelve-year-old Jesus enters into the synagogue. As he begins to teach, those who listened to him were amazed at his understanding, but what amazed them even more was that He spoke with great authority. I don’t suppose I’ve ever seen a twelve-year-old boy impress church officials with his command of Scripture and authoritative teaching.

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