And on the eighth day, after a day of rest, God looked around and said, “This is good, but I need to create a funny bone.”

And that was very good, say the increasing numbers of clergy, believers, and comics of all denominations who contend that God appreciates a good joke as much as anyone.

Humorous takes on religion, in books and comedy clubs alike, “provide a laugh-track countertrend to the political attacks and Supreme Court cases that often place religion in the public square today. And they create an oasis of common ground where friction among the faithful can be set aside for laughter,” according to a report in USA Today.

The humor, which strives to inspire laughter without being sacrilegious, often relies on sacred texts and frequently notes that God has had a sense of humor since before the beginning of time.

“Humor is a sign of God’s creativity. Look at giraffes,” the Rev. James Martin told USA Today. “If Jesus didn’t have a sense of humor, he wouldn’t have been fully human.”

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