A coalition of Christian and conservative groups has fallen short in its signature drive to overturn California’s first-in-the-nation gay history law — a law that could impact the nation.

Members of the coalition said Oct. 12 they had failed to gather the 505,000 signatures necessary by the deadline to try and overturn the law at the ballot. The next day they said they had gathered 497,404 signatures, a number that likely is not as close to the goal as it first seems because — if past history is indicative — several thousand would have been tossed out as invalid.

The coalition faced an uphill battle from the beginning, relying on an all-volunteer effort without any significant funding. Unlike many other signature drives in the state, the effort did not use paid canvassers — people who are paid to gather signatures. The coalition, known as StopSB48, had less than three months to gather the signatures.

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