The North American media seem obsessed with evangelical Protestants. Except for the occasional article about Pope Benedict XVI, evangelicals tend to be the dominant religion news makers. After all, evangelicals are often controversial.

Who’s behind the rise of the pugnacious, anti-tax Tea Party? Turns out polls show its largely evangelicals. Who gave George W. Bush eight years of presidential power, leading to wars against Muslim-majority Iraq and Afghanistan? The three out of four evangelicals who voted for him.

Wherever you turn in North America, especially in the United States (where evangelicals compose up to 35 per cent of the population compared to eight to 10 per cent in Canada), evangelicals are also the generals in the so-called “culture wars.”

Upset at what they characterize as a liberal attack on the family, many evangelical leaders – like Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Benny Hinn, Sarah Palin and Canada’s Charles McVety – take combative stands, which the conflict-hungry news media gobble up.

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