I’m not much of a football fan, but I know who Tim Tebow is. He’s known to me as the player who, with his mother, made a Super Bowl commercial for Focus on the Family. It’s hard to forget because of all the controversy it generated. Women’s groups demanded that CBS not use it, claiming that to air an anti-abortion commercial would be divisive.

As it turned out, the ad wasn’t a hard-sell against abortion, or pro-abortionists. The words “abortion” and “pro-life” weren’t even used. Tim’s mom simply talked about how happy she was that Tim survived what was a difficult pregnancy. She didn’t even mention the fact that because of an illness, she was advised to have an abortion but chose not to. The commercial ended with these words appearing on the screen: “Celebrate family. Celebrate life.”

Doesn’t sound very controversial, does it? Nonetheless, controversy continues to follow Tim Tebow.

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