Hundreds of rabbis from across Europe have gathered in Warsaw to attend the Conference of European Rabbis’ (CER) biannual meeting, taking place between October 31 and November 2. The event marks the largest gathering of Jewish leaders in Poland since the Second World War.

The conference focuses on the defense of Jewish rights and tolerance in Europe, in particular on the recent ban by the Dutch parliament of shechita, or kosher animal slaughter. (The ban also included Muslim halaal animal slaughter.)

The CER has slammed the decision, arguing that it infringes on freedom of religion. CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt has said his organization would not rest “until this discriminatory, intolerant and hateful bill” was overruled.

“The practical effects of this bill mean that Jews are no longer welcome in the Netherlands. This has not happened for 70 years,” Rabbi Goldschmidt said when the bill was passed in June.

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