Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906) has been celebrated as a feminist icon by the modern feminist movement because of her tireless work in bringing women into the political mainstream. Feminists pushed hard to get her image on the almost-never-used Susan B. Anthony coin. Anthony got involved in the women’s rights movement when she joined a temperance society but was denied the right to speak at meetings because she was a woman. Temperance societies were the precursors to the prohibition movement (1920–1933). Her anti-alcohol position makes her a religious fundamentalist, hardly an invitee to Democrat and Republican gatherings where the stuff flows in ample portions!

It may surprise a lot of people that there are pro-life, anti-abortion Democrats. What won’t surprise anyone is that the Democrats keep anti-abortion Democrats hidden from public view. You won’t hear pro-life Democrats speaking on the topic Democrat National Conventions. (It’s getting that way at Republican conventions as well.)

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