All references to Christianity here are referring only to Bible based or scripturally centered faith unless otherwise stated. In politics the term RINO has emerged of late, meaning Republican in name only. Borrowing from that acronym the religious counterpart of a RINO would be CINO. (Christian in name only) We are in the throes of the biggest apostasy (Falling away) of the Christian faith in the last twenty centuries and many churches and organizations that spearhead this apostasy are certainly, CINO.

1. The indisputable number one reason real Christianity is despised is because it declares that man’s greatest problem is sin. We have for centuries seen the problems of man as a lack of knowledge, economics, race problems, politics and dozens more. The Bible recognizes none of these things as the root problem of man. Rather the scriptures declares that the fallen condition of man drives us all to a propensity to sin that ultimately causes the problems of all mankind. Wars, economic disparities, race problems and all else is a result of man’s willingness to sin and live out lives of sin without recognizing that they are sinners.

The Bible has many things to say about sin but the central focus is that Jesus Christ came into the world mainly to deal with the problem of sin once and for all. His death on the cross was no accident or untimely thwarting of his goals and ministry. It was the primary reason he came and the ultimate goal of his life.

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