The makers of “The Genesis Code” are hoping that their movie about the convergence of science and faith set against the backdrop of a college community will draw from the increasing popularity of Christian-based productions during a limited release in Midwest cities.

“The Genesis Code,” which premieres at theaters in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri on Friday, has a somewhat autobiographical story line similar to the writer of the film, said pastor and film producer Jerry Zandstra.

Film writer Michael W. Leighton also co-produced the movie with Zandstra.

“Michael was somebody who rejected faith early in his life because he thought that science disproved Scripture, and that faith and science were absolutely incompatible,” Zandstra told The Christian Post. “Later in life, through the study of science he became a Christian, realizing that faith and science don’t necessarily have to be these horrible enemies. He wrote it as a bit of autobiography.”

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