San Diego’s very own As I Lay Dying, a Christian metal band; released their 7th album today, November 8 2011. Decas, the new album is a compilation of melodies, remixes, and covers. The band stays true to their roots in this new album with new songs Paralyzed, Moving Forward and From Shapeless to Breakable. They tread new ground with covers such as War Ensemble by Slayer and two songs originally by Judas Priest. Also included our remixes of AILD hits, such as Beneath the Encasing of Ashes and The Blinding of False Light.

As I Lay Dying’s music reaches across both spectrums of Christians and non-Christians alike with their hardcore riffs, powered by lead guitarist Nick Hipa and drummer Jordan Mancino. Tim Lambesis provides the howls and screams that draw in metal fans from across the spectrum. While bassist Josh Gilbert and rhythm guitarist Phil Sgrosso fill out the harmonies and rhythm.

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