Dozens of people were killed in bomb attacks on churches in Nigeria and Kenya last week. Radical Islamic organisations claimed responsibility. Violence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan also regularly make the news. Can political pressure persuade governments to take more protective measures?

Dwiti Nopita Rini is a member of a Christian community in Bogor, West Java. She says Indonesian Christians are increasingly being targeted by radical Muslims. Under pressure from the Islamic Defence Front (FPI), the mayor of Bogor shut the church in 2010. The FPI has become more influential since the fall of Suharto in 1998. Under the dictatorship radical parties were suppressed.

Figures published by the Setara Institute, a human rights organisation in Jakarta, show that violence against Christian is increasing. There were 12 incident in 2009, a year later there were 75. Churches have been burned and Christians threatened.

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