Bob Jones III said he hasn’t endorsed Mitt Romney as he did in the last presidential campaign partly because he doesn’t think Christian voters will rule the Mormon candidate out this time.
“Number one, he hasn’t asked for it,” said Jones, chancellor of the fundamentalist Christian university named after his family. “I had a reason for doing it the first time. I don’t have that same reason this time.”

In a wide-ranging interview Friday afternoon in his stately office replete with mounted game, a bear rug, dark wood furniture and stained glass windows, Jones recalled why he backed Romney in 2007.

“I was listening to people around the state in the Christian circles that I move in, and I heard a lot of people whispering their appreciation for him with his business background and all, but ‘He’s a Mormon,’ ” he said. “I understand that, but we are electing a president not a preacher. At that time (John) McCain was rising, and Rudy Giuliani, and both of those guys gave me shivers.”

Now it’s President Obama who is causing Jones great trepidation.

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