Fr. Favie Faldas, an organizer of the National Youth Day (NYD), admitted yesterday that the Catholic Church is losing influence over the youth because of their exposure to the Internet and the popular social networking websites where they see other people standing up against the teachings of the Church.

Faldas, head of the NYD Steering Committee, said social media reportedly show that it is possible to stand up against religious teachings.

He said that unlike before when people would not dare speak against the teachings of the Church, now more people are bold enough to openly challenge the Catholic Church.

Faldas told the Catholic Media Network (CMN) forum that the information highway is open and anybody can post any information, good or bad, and that is why when the Catholic Church would jump on it, it would lose.

“This postmodern age, we might come to the point (when) it’s not any more the Church age, the Church has lost its voice in a certain way. Maybe in our country, the Church is still strong but worldwide, we could see in other countries (the Church has lost its voice),” said Faldas.

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