Churches and synagogues in the West End have joined in condemnation of Sunday and evening parking charges, warning that families could be prevented from worshipping.

In a display of inter faith co-operation, religious leaders spoke about the impact on congregations of the “truly unreasonable” restrictions. They warn that the move would damage their community work. About 25 churches and synagogues will be affected by the new regime.

From January 9, free parking on single yellow lines will end at 1pm on Sundays, forcing worshippers travelling by car to start paying charges of £4.80 an hour or risk a fine. Baroness Neuberger, senior rabbi to the West London Synagogue near Marble Arch, said: “We are very worried, it will make a great deal of difference, particularly on Sundays. We made representations to Westminster but they didn’t seem very interested.” Increasing numbers of events and classes at the synagogue now take place on a Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening and would be badly affected, she said.

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