The Obama administration has flaunted its advocacy of the Islamist parties that have been gaining power since the Arab Spring overturned several governments in the Muslim world the past year, and that skewed perspective is contributing to a misrepresentation of the violence that is now taking place in post-Mubarak Egypt. In the words of Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J., left), President Obama “seems to have completely missed the point” of the massacre of Coptic Christians. “This is not a situation of equal power and equal responsibility for violence,” he points out. “The Copts called on the military government to treat the Copts as equal citizens and protect their rights; the government itself turned on them with a massacre.”

A story from CNSNews highlights the disconnect which is taking place in the policy of the Obama administration. As Lucas Zellers wrote on November 16:

President Obama “missed the point” about the shooting deaths of Coptic Christians on Oct. 9 in front of the Maspero television building in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said Tuesday at a congressional hearing on the violence in Egypt.

Referring to a statement released by the White House on Oct. 10, the day after the shootings, Smith said that President Obama was wrong — the shootings amounted to a one-sided “massacre” of  Coptic Christians by government forces and were not just “sectarian violence,” as the White House seemed to portray them. …

Smith, the chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Egypt, posed a tough question.

“The time has come to ask, is this government going to be better than the Mubarak thug regime?’ Smith said.

If the current policy enunciated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is any indication, the United States is likely to do very little to push the post-Mubarak regime to improve the treatment of Egypt’s Coptic minority.

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