Believe it or not, the senior pastor at the conservative evangelical church I attend — Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Georgia — does not (I repeat: does not) condemn homosexuals and abortionists from the pulpit every week.

In fact, in the 1.5 years in which I’ve attended Perimeter Church, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Randy Pope (or any of the other preachers) speak of homosexuality or gay marriage from the pulpit.  They’ve spoken of radical self-denial in pursuit of the kingdom of God.  They’ve spoken of employing your talents and your gifts in service to the mission of God.  They’ve spoken of the basics of the gospel and the process of spiritual maturation.  Although I don’t recall any specific occasions, they may have referenced the hot-button issues in brief from time to time.  But no sermon has been devoted in whole or in part to abortion or gay marriage or euthanasia or the like.  The preachers have never endorsed any candidates or political parties, or even (that i recall) mentioned any elected officials by name.  The only reference to Barack Obama has been to pray that God would guide “our President.”

This tends to shock my non-evangelical friends.

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