The news media has dubbed the Obama era as the “new Enlightenment”. Just Google how many times the Akron Beacon Journal has referred to President Obama’s policies as “enlightened”. This moniker is intended to be complimentary toward the president and his policies. A cursory understanding of the original Enlightenment will reveal two things; one, the label fits, and two, if you love God and freedom, there is nothing complimentary about it.

Most media personalities look upon the Enlightenment with favor because they, along with most Americans, have been taught to believe that the American Revolution of 1776 is a result of Enlightenment thinking. In addition the vast majority of media people do not believe in God. Nothing could be further from the truth on both counts.

The Enlightenment, or what should more accurately be called the Endarkenment, was a system of thinking that attempted to understand the world in terms of human reason alone. Because they denied the existence of God, Enlightenment thinkers defined the world and its institutions by replacing the sovereignty of God with the sovereignty of man. The true result of the Enlightenment was the French Revolution.

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