From the Chicago Tribune. Published November 25, 1858. A fine, weird piece of newspaper writing.


For Life and Liberty here, and the hope of Heaven hereafter; for the existence of the Republican party by which that liberty is assured and the path Heavenward left perfectly free to all men, subject only to the laws of our moral nature and Revelation from God; for the existence and renewed vitality of Free Principles, which ever must precede the highest development of Christianity; for our Republican victories in all the North, and especially for our popular majority in Illinois, and for the prospect of a Republican triumph in the nation in 1860; for the judgment of the Almighty upon the perversity and wickedness of James Buchanan; for the small Crop of the year, and for the promise of more in the year to come; for the chastening rod which has taught the Vanity of Riches; for the necessity which has impelled men to seek bread by Labor, and gain by Economy; for the success of our public and private Schools, and the more powerful influence of our Churches; for abundant Food and cheap Fuel; for our Protestant Emigrants and for moderate rents and the low price of beef-steaks; for the rapid improvement of…

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