Inside a Kensington church, a group of low-income families sat, quiet and expectant, at cloth-covered tables adorned with fresh flowers.

Crime and deprivation are everyday elements of their lives in the neighborhood, in the First Congressional District, one of the hungriest places in the United States.

But within the sanctuary of West Kensington Ministry in Norris Square, this was a moment of sweet civility for around 70 people gathered for a free Thanksgiving dinner.

The meal was part of a weekly program known as Sunday Suppers established by Mount Airy activist Linda Samost in the spring.

“The suppers give us time to spend as a family,” David Garcia, 16, said as he sat Sunday with his two siblings, a niece, and a nephew. “No matter what we go through during the week, we catch up here. We feel safe here in God’s house.”

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