Doubts about Mitt Romney’s fitness for the White House disappear when skittish Republicans, conservatives and even evangelicals consider the alternative: another four years of President Obama and his evolving administration. The emotionally charged issue is revealed in stark numbers:

“As Republican and Republican-leaning voters evaluate Romney, very few say his faith is a factor. A majority of Republican and Republican-leaning voters (56 percent) know that Romney is a Mormon. But just 8 percent say Romney’s religion makes them less likely to vote for him; 44 percent say it would not make a difference,” says a comprehensive survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

Still, among white evangelical Republican voters, 15 percent say Mr. Romney’s religion would make them less likely to support him; among that group, Herman Cain remains the favorite. But there’s is a noteworthy dynamic at work should Mr. Romney — aka the “inevitable” candidate — face Mr. Obama in the 2012 race.

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