Several years back, I partook of and facilitated a women’s group where we discussed various topics. A topic on teen abstinence came up and members of the group expressed bewilderment that I, a Pagan mother, promote teen abstinence with my children, alluding to the belief that only Abrahamic religion (majority Christianity) holds a monopoly on the concept and word. Yes, I was the only “out” Pagan mother on the page, a vocal one at that. It took me aback that individuals assume that the words virginity, virgin, abstinence, and chastity are perceived as Christian words and concepts.

“How do you promote abstinence in your belief?” was the primary question asked of me. I accentuated to the members that not all Pagan parents share the same methods, theos-doctrine, belief, or teach the same way. Similar to how many of them, who declare themselves as Christians, gave different responses. Some believe abstinence only until the covenant of marriage is the only way sex is prohibited. Some believe that masturbation is forbidden, while others would rather have their child masturbate than have sexual intercourse. The difference of parenting views on teen sex or sexual intercourse varies within Christianity as it varies within any parent, with or without a religion affiliation. It comes down to the values of the parent (and child).

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