Around this time every year, some Christians get heated about the “War on Christmas.” Political organizations churn out sharply worded press releases about a perceived attempt by the left to strip Christ out of Christmas. Bill O’Reilly will highlight one story every night, something like the town council in Podunk, USA that removed a cross from a water tower. The Drudge Report will take the most obscure case of Christmas secularizing and highlight as if its a dangerous national epidemic. And of course, the American Family Association will create its “Naughty and Nice” list of retailers who don’t explicitly mention the story of Christmas in their promotions, forgetting the irony of using Santa Claus to beat up retailers who don’t articulate the mystery of the Incarnation with their 40% off sweater sales.

I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a cultural push back against Christianity. I realize gospel-centered Christianity is increasingly becoming marginalized. I get that. But when it comes to Christmas, I think most of the outrage expressed by Christians is misguided at best and manufactured at worst. Especially when Christians in places like Sudan and China are beaten, separated from their families, and often killed for expressing the name of Christ. We cry foul because the tired and overworked greeter at Target doesn’t say “Merry Christmas”?

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