St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg should be given to Russian Orthodox Church, instead of being used as a museum, according to chairman of the St. Petersburg committee of state control, use and protection of historical and cultural monuments (KGIOP) Alexander Makarov.

Director of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral public museum Nikolai Burov, however, is against it.

Makarov expressed his “private” opinion at the meeting of the Council for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage of St. Petersburg, in which the vicar of Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Monastery Bishop of Vyborg Nazary asked the authorities of St. Petersburg to speed up the transfer of the Annunciation Church and other sites located within the complex under the monastery’s ownership.

Makarov said that such a move would be fair. “It [St. Isaac’s Cathedral] should be owned by the Russian Orthodox Church, it is my private opinion,” said Makarov. “Besides, there are a lot of stalls that sell cheap jewelry and strange things … The church should be used for its intended purpose,” Interfax quoted Makarov as saying on Thursday.

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