A family says a public school district is unconstitutionally promoting Christianity, brazenly requiring students to attend “an evangelical revival assembly to ‘save’ students” by coming to Jesus, and telling a father who complained about it that he “needed to get right with God.”

On his own behalf and for his son, Jonathan Anderson sued the Chesterfield County School District and School Board, Superintendent John Williams and New Heights Middle School Principal Larry Stinson, in Federal Court.

Anderson says that on Sept. 1 this year, “New Heights Middle School officials held an evangelical revival assembly intended to ‘save’ students by encouraging them to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. The school-day assembly featured a minister who delivered a sermon, a Christian rapper (known as ‘B-SHOC’), and church members who prayed with students. Students were urged to sign a pledge dedicating themselves to Christ. The event was remarkable because it showed how brazen school officials have become in flouting the law and infringing students’ and parents’ First Amendment rights.”

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