Right-wing Jewish extremists vandalized and attempted to burn down an unused Jerusalem mosque today, the latest of a string of attacks by Jewish groups that have spurred public debate over whether such violence should be considered “terrorism.”

Agence France-Presse reports that the vandals spray-painted graffiti insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed on the mosque, which has not been used for religious functions since 1948, and is currently used as a municipal storage facility. The graffiti also included the words “price tag,” – referring to a policy The Christian Science Monitor has described as “using violence against Palestinians and Israeli security forces in retaliation for outpost evacuations and militant attacks on settlers.”

The graffiti also included “Mitzpeh Yitzhar” and “Ramat Gilad,” the names of two illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank that are set to be destroyed by the end of the month.

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