With Christmas approaching, Seattle atheists are spreading their own brand of holiday cheer by way of an ad campaign on Metro buses.

Paid for by the organization Seattle Atheists, billboards claiming that 25 percent of Washingtonians are atheists have been fixed to a dozen buses traveling through Seattle and the Eastside through early January.

However, forgive the bad pun, but there’s a small watch in the atheist heath – the 2008 study cited by organizers doesn’t back their one-in-four claim.

The American Religious Identification Survey – pointed to by the campaign’s organizers as the source of their one-in-four claim – found far fewer atheists while polling 54,461 U.S. residents, about one in 43. And it offered no definite figure on the number of Washingtonians who say there is no god.

By email Tuesday evening, Seattle Atheists spokeswoman Eileen Cabalo said “many are uncomfortable or even afraid to use the label atheist,” and asserted that her group is defines atheist more broadly tham the study’s authors.

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