A British man rewrote medieval history on his lunch break when he unearthed evidence of a previously-unknown Viking king.

Darren Webster, a metal detector enthusiast, stopped by a field near Canforth, northern England, to practice his hobby and uncovered a hoard of silver Viking treasure buried three feet (0.9 meters) below the earth, The (London) Times reported Thursday.

“My machine was telling me that I’d found some kind of silver,” Webster said. “So I was slightly disheartened when I saw a lead pot. It was as I was lifting it that silver pieces started falling out of it.”

The 201 silver objects — including 27 coins, 10 arm-rings, six brooch fragments, two finger rings, a fine wire braid and 14 ingots — were put on display at the British Museum.

Dr. Gareth Williams, the museum’s curator of early medieval coins, said the haul probably would fetch a “high five-figure sum.”

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