Evangelical Christians in Iran fear a massive crackdown by security forces around Christmas and say Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani may be executed earlier than authorities  suggest, a senior church official told BosNewsLife Monday, December 19.

Firouz Khandjani, a council member of the pastor’s Church of Iran, said Iran’s judiciary “uses the Christmas time to detain and harass Christians, thinking the world may forget the believers as everyone is busy with Christmas shopping.”

In an extensive interview Monday, December 19, he warned that official suggestions that Pastor Nadarkhani’s execution for “apostasy” or abandoning Islam, would be postponed “may be a trap to confuse the international community.”

Last week a lawyer and other observers close to the case said they learned from the court that judges were ordered to “do nothing” for one year. However, “It has become clear that Iran’s government may want to execute him earlier,” Khandjani stressed. “Saying he will be held one year more does not necessarily mean an earlier execution isn’t possible.”

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