Christmas is a time when many Americans reflect on the many blessings enjoyed by each of us in this great nation. Churches and synagogues are full as Americans, of all faiths, take time to pause and consider the meaning of our lives and our responsibilities to others. What a pity that our President does not participate in these simple acts of faith! Our nation would be better if he did.

There has been much ink spilled over President Obama’s belief in God (or lack thereof), in the strength of his faith, in questioning what his faith is ( Christian, Muslim, other ?), and wondering what church he attends/ will attend. After almost three years, Americans do not yet have an answer to those questions. Nor are they likely to since Obama’s calculating use of the clergy and religion is usually timed to garner a boost in the polls.

In deed and action, Mr Obama has actually projected a thinly disguised contempt towards people of faith, such as when he uttered his iconic “clinging to their guns and religion” speech during the 2008 presidential election campaign.

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