At Christmas time, should the Nativity story be interpreted as a tale of solidarity with illegal immigrants? Some religious voices, anxious to push some version of liberalized immigration policy as a Christian imperative, describe Jesus and the Holy Family as the most premier of illegal immigrants.

One recent blogger for the Progressive Christian Alliance even crafted a novelette called “Christmas Undocumented: Anunciación” about a pregnant 14-year-old girl named Ave who is smuggled across the Texas border so she can get to her boyfriend in Alabama. First, she visits her cousin Isabella in San Antonio, who “leaps” for joy when hearing about the pregnancy. Only the first installment of the story has been released, but presumably Alabama’s new immigration enforcement law will affect young Ave, her boyfriend, and the new baby.

A recent column for the National Catholic Reporter similarly posited that Mary and Joseph, with Baby Jesus, were akin to today’s illegals by “seeking posada, or shelter” but finding no room at the inn. “The Christmas season should remind us of how Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus also represented migrants and refugees who were rejected like today’s immigrants,” the columnist suggested. “What if those we turn away today include Mary, Joseph and Jesus?” A cynical commenter responded: “What if the illegal aliens we reject are Herod or the soldiers who crucified Jesus?”

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