The ongoing imbroglio with Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow has made plain three really unflattering facts about the secular-progressive (“sec-prog”) movement in this country.  Tebow’s straightforward and unapologetic Christianity has been received by NFL mensae magnae (contradiction in terms?) as a type of threat.  These folks have responded by building upon the previously gathered strength of the anti-Christian movement in this nation.  Such a movement, by the way, is far more prevalent than it formerly appeared.

First truth: the sec-progs have meatier game in sight than we used to think.  That is, when sec-progs start out declaring that they aim merely to set a plain whereupon all religions can fairly “coexist,” they really contemplate an end-game where religions fade permanently out of view.  Have a look at the emergent history of the jurisprudence: “No federal religion” became “no state religions”; this became “no government entanglement with religion”; this became “no governmental support for religion”; this became “no governmental mention of religion”; this led to the phase that the Tebow debacle currently evinces: “no popular mention of religion in any public sphere, including private affairs which get viewed on TV.”  One can easily imagine the last few steps in this phenomenology of disappearance.

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