I would love to meet the crack-smoking official at the Vatican who convinced the Pope that what the “Holy Sea” really needs in these ever-increasing secular times are more obstacles and barriers between “the Church” and the common man.  Such is the case for the new translations of the Mass that I experienced while attending midnight Mass this Christmas Eve.

Oddly enough, to fully appreciate the idiocy of the Vatican’s approved translation changes, one has to travel back to the middle of the 15th century when a young Oxford and Cambridge graduate by the name of William Tyndale concluded that the “Latin only” version of the Holy Scriptures presented by the Church of England (and the Catholic Church) could not be understood or accessed by the average Englishman.

Tyndale was obsessed with translating the current popular versions of the Bible into simple enough English translations so that a “boy that driveth the plough” could know as much scripture as the Roman Pope. Tyndale eventually was put to death for his defiance of the Church of England but his translation of the Bible became so popular that years after his death, King James 1, King of England, completed a revision of the Bible in 1611 that reproduced and incorporated 70-80% of Tyndale’s translations.  That King James Version of the Holy Bible (1611) is still relied upon today by millions of Christians worldwide.

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