As a Christian, it hurts me to see how ignorant and gullible many fellow-Christians can be. Many Christians believe virtually anything that merely sounds spiritual. In the process:

– They throw away the credibility of Christianity
– They give many non-Christians, some of whom DO think rationally about things, all the necessary ammunition to blast holes in Christianity.

More specifically, ignorant and gullible fellow-Christians are the ones who contribute to Christianity as a religion having a bad name among Atheists and Agnostics.

Before I get bombarded, let me say that I was born-again in my early 30’s. But, as a Christian, I am also someone who studied science and maths (I love it, and still study it when I get the opportunity).

I continuously search for the harmony between the Bible and science. I cannot understand how any person is able to live a dualistic life where s/he believes one thing in the tried-and-proven world of science and maths, but has to switch off part of his/her mind in order to believe in the Bible and God, and vise versa.

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