A rare religious tapestry, recently discovered tucked in a corner in a local convent, purports to contain relics from 365 saints and some from Jesus Christ himself.

It traveled here from Rome, and then disappeared from view for nearly 100 years.

Now, a rare tapestry that has been found in Buffalo has become both a mystery and a symbol of enduring faith.

The artifact, which today hangs in the sacristy of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, contains the relics of saints of the old Roman Catholic calendar: 365 of them.

But the reliquary’s wonders do not stop there.

A translation of the Latin inscriptions around the reliquary’s central image of a cross — bearing the motto “In Hoc Vinces,” or “In this [sign] you conquer” — reveals that relics at the center of the tapestry purport to be relics of the life and Passion of Jesus Christ himself.

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