Many of the central teachings of the world’s major religions focus on caring for creation — acting as trustees of the planet and its inhabitants. In Christianity and Judaism, the call to environmental stewardship can be found throughout the Old and New Testament and the Torah. The verses speak of the human relationship with nature and the manifestation of the divine throughout.

The scriptures of Isaiah, which both Jews and Christians consider part of their Biblical canon, extol the faithful to prevent the earth from withering away.

There are faithful who today take up the call to be good stewards, who believe they are not masters of the earth, but rather servants, taking precious care of God’s gift to humanity.

They do so in their homes, places of work, and, most recently, in their places of worship. The movement to create sustainable sanctuaries—which includes eco-themed worship services and ‘greening’ of the buildings—is growing on a national scale.

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