Cory Beeler, 30, just didn’t have enough of a sound or act to be a Southern gospel singer, according to a Nashville talent scout.

There was something missing.

Southern gospel agent Beckie Simmons said the Knoxville preacher, evangelist and musician’s sound was too modern.

It turns out all he was missing, though, was sitting in the audience of his audition.

His loud, sometimes bossy but always loving, two older sisters Robin Cumbie, 40, and Tina Moody, 43, had come to the audition at a Sevierville church to offer moral support.

“(The agent) told me, ‘That’s good, but that’s not going to work for my industry.’ ” Beeler said. “I was too contemporary. She asked me if I had anything else. I said, ‘Well, my two sisters are in the audience.’ “

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