An untapped resource to turn America around is found in the tens of thousands of churches in America. Many Christians don’t vote and their pastors encourage them to avoid politics. Then there are other churches where pastors are fearful of government reprisals, mostly from the IRS at the prompting of groups like the ACLU.

Keeping Christians from being involved beyond the church building and Sunday worship hour is becoming more common. But ever since Christians become politically active in the mid 1970s, secularists have gotten more vocal and strident. “That [Christians] may rant and rave against humanism and feminism and any other ‘ism’ on Sunday, but come Monday the children belong in school.”[1]

Tyrannical regimes are most fearful of organizations that don’t easily acquiesce to authority. We’re seeing this take place in China. “On the first Sunday of 2012, nearly 50 members of Shouwang Church in Beijing were detained following the church’s decision to continue its outdoor worship services that began in April, ChinaAid has learned.”

The latest attempt in the United States at intimidation is Pastor Charles Patrick of the Sunago Christian Fellowship Church who applied for the right to open a charter school. The application was denied because the applicant was a pastor.

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